Shape your career as an Accounting Professional quickly ! Get ready to earn !

This is a fast track course to enter into the elite profession of accounting. This is an 18 video course to teach you variety of aspects about Accounting, GST and Tally.ERP9.

Course Objective : To make you a Smart Accountant quickly

Faculty : CA. Pankaj Deshpande

Course Details

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Types and Rules of Accounts
  3. Tally First Screen
  4. Company Creation and Alteration
  5. Master and Non Master Data
  6. Six Basic Transactions
  7. Mixed Transactions - 1
  8. Mixed Transactions - 2
  9. Inventory Accounting Concepts
  10. Purchase and Sales with Inventory
  11. GST Concepts
  12. GST Accounting Entries
  13. Purchase and Sales with GST and Inventory
  14. Purchase and Expenses with GST without Inventory
  15. Sales / Income with GST without Inventory
  16. Introduction to GSTR3B
  17. Introduction to GSTR1
  18. Preparing Balance Sheet in Excel

Smart Accountant Course

CA Pankaj Deshpande guides you how you can start your career as an Accounting Professional and start earning within 30 days, even if you have zero accounting knowledge today.

Course Language : Hindi

Fees : ₹ 5,950 + 18% GST

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What you will get out of this course ?

  • Understanding about Accounting
  • Understanding about Tally.ERP9
  • Understanding about GST
  • Understanding about Balance Sheet in excel