Share your career as an Accounting Professional ! Start earning with respect within 90 days !

This is 100 hours course to make a professional accountant even if you are zero in accounting today. Specifically designed course by a team of Chartered Accountants considering all the aspects required today by business owners and industry.

After successful completion of this course, a student is expected to be ready to work as an Accounting Professional in any type of business / industry and start earning within a period of two months only.

Course Objective : To make you employable as an Accounting Professional

Faculty : CA. Pankaj Deshpande

Certified Business Accountant Course

CA Pankaj Deshpande guides you how you can start your career as an Accounting Professional and start earning within 60 days, even if you have zero accounting knowledge today.

Course Language : Hindi

Fees : ₹ 15,000 + 18% GST

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Module 1 : Basics of Tally.ERP9

  1. Company creation, alteration, Understanding home screen, drill down facility
  2. Understanding master and non-master data, voucher types
  3. Creation of master data, ledgers, groups, etc.
  4. Reports viewing, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Accounting, Trial Balance
  5. Receipt Transactions Exercise
  6. Payment Transactions Exercise
  7. Contra Transactions Exercise
  8. Purchase Transactions Exercise
  9. Sales Transactions Exercise
  10. Mixed Transaction Exercises (Seven)
  11. Entering opening balances in tally for Partnership Firm (Sanitized Live Data)
  12. Entering opening balances in Tally for Private Limited Compay (Sanitized Live Data)

Module 2 : Accounting Fundamentals

  1. 1234 of Accounting
  2. Understanding Assets and Liabilities
  3. Understanding Expense and Income
  4. Accounting Yantra, a solution for all types accounting problems
  5. Types and Rules of Accounts
  6. Accounting Kite, simple way of understanding accounting.
  7. Transaction to Balance Sheet
  8. Flow of Accounting
  9. Manual Accounting
  10. Fundamental Accounting Assumptions


Module 3 : Inventory Accounting

  1. Inventory accounting concepts
  2. Entering opening balances of inventory
  3. Purchase and sales with Inventory
  4. Godowns
  5. Importance of closing stock valuation

Module 4 : Bank Reconciliation

  1. Understanding the concept
  2. Bank Reconciliation Exercise

Module 5 : GST Accounting

  1. Overview and understanding the concept
  2. GST Accounting Entries
  3. GST Settings in Tally
  4. Accounting of Inward Supply
  5. Accounting of Outward Supply
  6. Understanding GSTR1
  7. Understanding GSTR 3B
  8. 17 Point Checklist for GST Return Filing

Module 6 : TDS Accounting

  1. Understanding TDS Concept
  2. TDS Accounting in the books of deductor
  3. TDS Accounting in the books of deductee
  4. TDS Settings in Tally
  5. TDS Return Procedure
  6. TDS Payment
  7. Importance of Form 26AS

Module 7 : Special Accounting Points

  1. Salary Accounting
  2. Debit / Credit Note Accounting
  3. Interest Calculations and its accounting
  4. Bill by Bill Accounting
  5. Printing Techniques
  6. Data Analysis Features
  7. Tally Shortcut Keysally Shortcut Keys
  8. Balance Sheet Preparation in Excel
  9. Scientific Typing Practice